Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 4

ok. so how do i explain this.. im starting to feel something but im not sure if its the right feeling. what i mean is.. I'm starting to fall.. and its scary coz its like what happened with Eric all over again. Maybe I need some reassurance that this one is true. that HE is true. what im waiting for, I'm not sure.. I just need him to prove it to me..

I talked to my friend Phil a while ago. and we talked about him. and Phil, being the crazy person that he is suggested that I ask for something expensive, like jewelry or something.. if u ask me, i certainly wont do it. and besides it would sound very weird coz he knows that my family is well-off and i dont want him to think im using him. so expensive gifts are a big no-no.

i really really have to buy a laptop.. tsk.. im thinking of selling my cellphone and some jewelry to be able to afford a second-hand one. or better yet, stop trying to prove myself to other people and just ask my dad for a new one.. oh wait.. dad just got in an accident.. i doubt that he'd be willing to buy me one lol 2 nights more and i get to talk to him regularly again.



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