Friday, July 27, 2007

The wonders of being a single mom

its hard.. really.. having to deal with the responsibility. I wasnt ready to be a mom, I wasnt ready to have a child. Although, even having these thoughts and realizations, abortion never came into my mind.. The day I learned I was pregnant, I was nervous and happy. Nervous because of my family (my family is very conservative) and happy because I'm carrying my baby. Sadly, Sofia's dad didnt seem to share the same feeling. A week after he knew about the baby, he broke up with me. Yes, I was sad, for a time but then I got over it, the happiness of having a baby was too overwhelming to even think about the sad things..

It is hard. its hard and lonely.. Lonely because I dont have anyone to share the same happiness that I feel everytime Sofia does something for the first time. Sad, because I know she would be more happier if she had a normal family.

I dont feel any pity towards my daughter or myself.. but sometimes, the loneliness gets to me.. I want Sofia to have a normal childhoon but I dont think a guy in his right mind would ever want someone like me. A single mom who hasnt even finished college yet.. *sigh*

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